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Theoretical Foundations of Recovery

Restoration of the body is the return of the physical parameters of the body to normal, as well as an increase in adaptive capacity after performing physical work. It should be emphasized that the main purpose of recovery in bodybuilding is to increase the physical parameters of the body (muscle volume, strength indicators) compared with the initial level.

In sports medicine, there are four main phases: rapid recovery, delayed recovery, supercompensation (super-recovery), and delayed or delayed recovery. Each phase is characterized by different processes in the body. By influencing these processes, one can achieve faster and more complete recovery of the body after training. In the case of neglecting knowledge about recovery, a training plateau and overtraining can quickly develop.

Fast recovery phase

This phase begins immediately after training and lasts about half an hour. During this period, significant changes in metabolism occur, the body seeks to restore homeostasis: ATP, creatine phosphate, glycogen reserves are replenished, stress hormones secretion dianabol for sale (cortisol, adrenaline, etc.) returns to normal, the cardiovascular system normalizes, anabolic blood begins to flow hormones (insulin, steroids).

Slow Recovery Phase

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After the body reaches metabolic equilibrium, repair processes begin: the synthesis of proteins (including contractile), enzymes and amino acids is activated, the water-electrolyte balance is restored, the nutrients that build and repair damaged cells trenbolone acetate for sale begin to be quickly absorbed from the digestive system.


The third phase occurs 2-3 days after the workout and lasts about 5 days, in many respects it is similar to the previous one in the current processes, but the difference is that the increase in the functional and morphological characteristics of the athlete’s body in this phase begins to exceed the initial level. The following training of this muscle group should fall on this phase!

Deferred recovery

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The fourth phase is characterized by a return to the pre-training level of all physical parameters in the absence of repeated adequate load during the third phase.

Practical Recovery Guide

Immediately after a workout, it is advisable to take:

– BCAA – about 3-5 g to suppress catabolism and enhance the secretion of anabolic hormones

– Creatine – 3 g to compensate for the deficiency of the energy substrate of creatine phosphate. It is after training that creatine is best absorbed.

– Glutamine – about 3 g, is used to produce energy, goes to the restoration of muscle tissue, stimulates the secretion of growth hormone

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amino acids

– Water – up to 1 liter, is required for the normalization of water and electrolyte balance. It is advisable to take in the form of mineral water.

– If you use insulin for anabolic purposes, then the best time to perform an injection is 30-60 minutes after masteron enanthate exercise.

The second phase (after 20-30 minutes after training):

– Fast protein is the main source of amino acids, a catabolism suppressor and anabolic hormone secretion stimulator. It is taken 30 minutes after the workout, about 30 g. If you do not take BCAAs and other amino acids after the workout, then you need to take protein in the near future after the end of the training.

– Carbohydrates – you need to take about 60-100 grams of medium complexity carbohydrates (maltodextrin, flour products, potatoes, rice porridge – corn) 30-40 minutes after exercise. If you are prone to excess weight, then use only complex carbohydrates in an amount of not more than 30 g.

– Water – continue rehydrating the body with mineral water.

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– Sleep is a great way to recover after a workout.

– If you are taking anabolic steroids, then oral medications are advisable to take in the second phase of recovery.

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Additional methods:

– Perform a hitch after each workout.

– Deep massage – improves health, leads to muscle tone, stimulates blood circulation and the elimination of muscle tissue waste.

– Anabolic steroids significantly accelerate the recovery processes in the body.

Recovery rates

Indicators that allow you to determine how fully your body is recovering:

– Pulse – 2 hours after exercise, in the sitting position below 75 beats per minute. If the pulse rate is higher, you should think about heart problems or overtraining. A similar indicator is blood pressure.

– Sleep is strong and productive. With the wrong training regimen, the process of falling asleep is disturbed, in the first half of the day there is a feeling of drowsiness, an unstable sleep at night.

– The state of health – worsens at under repair. This is one of the main, but npp steroid little specific signals. There may be pain in the heart.

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– Progress – available only with full recovery.

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