Najran Trip

The ancient silk road trade caravan south gate!


Fly by plane for a two day, one night trip to explore archeological and historical sites. You will take a city tour of Najran, visit a local museum and stop by the Najran Dam and also a traditional souk. You will also visit the site of Al Okhdood and the Hama Wells.


Day 1
Day 1 :

8:00am pick up time from hotel then drive around 130km northwest of Najran to very old site name: Hema Wells more than 7000 years ago, walking at the mountains around the well full of inscriptions.
Stop for lunch at local restaurant. then stop by :
Alaan Palace,
Alrrum Mountain,
Najran local souk
6:00 pm end the tour drop to hotel

Day 2
Day 2:

9:00 am Pick up time
start city tour by bus stop at:
Najran Museum
Stop for lunch at local restaurant. then stop by :
Najran Dam, and King Saudi Park.
6:00 pm end the tour, drop to hotel or airport.

Price: : 00 SAR

  • Haya Tour bus or USVs.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form airport.


  • Flight fair, food and hotel.

Q & A

what is the best month to visit Njran?

Winter is good time from Oct – Feb.

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Najran Trip