The Ibex Reserve Protected Area


Located in Hotat Bani Tamim town around 180km south of Riyadh at a small village called Al-Helwah. It has many different kinds of desert animals but is facing the problem of extinction due to hunting and loss of water supplies.

The major emphasis of this reserve is protection of the Nubian Ibex Located in the beautiful Tuwaiq escarpment in the middle of Saudi Arabia, it encompasses an area of 2,369 sq. km. The steep-walled wadis are ideal for ibex and offer habitat for other wildlife such as rock hyrax, wild cats, mongoose, and eagles. It is also a planned reintroduction site for gazelles.

The main reason for protecting this region was that it contained a small herd of wild goats, which quickly increased in numbers after the protection. In the reserve there are also hyrax in good numbers, as well as foxes, several types of rodents and birds, the most important of which are sand partridges and a number of reptiles.
A number of Edami deer were resettled in the reserve in 1990 CE, which adapted to the nature of the area and their numbers grew well.


Day 1
Tour highlight:

7:30 am, gathering at Royal Mall parking at king fahad road junction with king abdullah road.
8:00am drive to Ibex Reserve via King Fahd Road, south
10:30am, estimated time to arrive
Meet the official in the reserve and accompany him on a car tour inside the reserve for an hour
Stop for a light lunch and welcoming Saudi coffee , for an hour then enjoy a free walking at the reserve of 2 hours.
4:00 pm end of the trip, return to Riyadh

  • Haya Tours bus.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Snacks


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The Ibex Reserve Protected Area