Al Dwadme Day Trip Tours


Duwadimiis a provinces of Riyadh region. Located 320 km west of Riyadh it’s one of the oldest human settlements in the center of the Arabian Peninsula.

Population:217,305  (2010)

Known geological heritage represented in solid granite rocks that abound where mines and minerals which helped to reduce the price of gold in Iraq and Hijazseveral centuries ago.

it affects of historical and archaeological monuments which have attracted the attention of historians and archaeologists, past and present.

Palace of King Abdul Aziz is currently the most prominent landmarks preservation. And sculpture & fin art artist can be found in this city.


Dawadmi was home to metal smelting 1,200 years ago, and these days home for sculpture and fin art by local artists becouse the uniqe mountians sorund the region.

During this trip we have a wonderful opportunity to meet Saudi artists of Dwadme “sculptor and fine art”.  Educated and trained themselves to give us a distinctive work of art which reflect there deep roots of civilization for there region.

Tour Itinerary 

8:30 am Gathering point at Alia Plaza

9:00 am Drive time to Dwadme by Haya Tours bus

1:00 pm arrive time, stop for lunch at Estraha for one of the artiste, then start our tour visiting the main land mark in the city:

  • King Abdulaziz Palace: Founded 92 years ago.
  • Dawadmi Artistes Group House
  • Musal inscription: Located 40 km from the city of Dawadmi, at the mountains , which contains two inscriptions written in Sibai script. The text dates back to 516 AD.
  • Enjoy sunset time with the aroma of Saudi coffee at the desert of Dawadmi

8:00 pm Drive back to Riyadh

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