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Al Wahba is the largest volcanic crater in the Middle East and Asia.
The crater is about 2 km in diameter and about 400 meters deep. It is located approximately 250 km north-east of Taif which is south-west of Riyadh.

The research of geologists confirms that Wahba Crater is an extinct volcano and that it was not caused by an asteroid colliding with the earth millions of years ago, as some people believe.

Some areas of the crater have greenery with wild plants and various trees, notably palm trees, the region’s famous Dom trees (they are named after the nearby town of Umm Dom), and Arak trees. At the bottom of the crater there is sometimes a small waterfall formed by rainfall in the region. Coating the center of the crater is a white layer of white sodium phosphate crystals believed to have been formed by a shallow lake. Small pieces of obsidian and peridot (a semi-precious stone) can be found in the crater.


Enjoy walking around the crater, exploring the area and the lava rock. The crater is around 300m. deep and takes approximately 1 hour to walk down and 1.5 hours to walk back up.

Trip Itinerary

7:30 am: Meeting time
8:00 am: Departure time (Riyadh to Ta’if takes approximately 7 hours by Haya Tour bus)
1:00 pm: Estimated arrival time to meet our local tour guide and with him drive to the site
2:30 pm: Arrival time at the camp next to the crater
Welcoming coffee and tea, then you can enjoy walking around the crater, exploring the lava rock
5:00 pm: Dinner served
6:30 am: Walk down to the crater (optional) and free time to walk around the crater
9:30 am: Breakfast served
12:00 pm: Drive back to Riyadh
6:00 pm: Estimated arrival time in Riyadh

Included in the trip

Letters of permission from the authorities for security
A local professional tour guide who will meet you at the main turn-off and take you safely to the crater and stay with the group the whole time to show you around and walk down the crater with your group.
Overnight at Saudi style open camp, furnished with carpets and pillows.
A Haya Tour bus.
English speaking guide*

Riyadh pick-up/drop-off point – Alia Plaza, Exit 6.

Special suggestions

Bring sturdy walking shoes or boots.
Bring your own: pillow, sleeping bag, extra blankets, sleeping mat

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