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National Museum & Cultural Centre OVERVIEWThe National Museum is contained within the King Abdul-Aziz Cultural Center along with other important places of interest including Al-Murabba Palace, Darat Al-Malik Abdulaziz, King Abdulaziz Mosque, King Abdulaziz Auditorium, King Abdul Aziz Historical Center and also a public park. The National Museum is a two storey building situated at the eastern side of the main square and covers an area of 28,000 sq.m. It consists of eight main galleries and two others for short term exhibits plus the major facilities of the museum. Each of the main galleries represents a particular period of time beginning with the creation of the universe, up to the present era.ITINERARYDay 1King Abdulaziz Historical Center (National Museum)9:00 am pick up time9:30am estimated time to arrive the siteEnjoy a three hour tour at King Abdulaziz Historical Center and National Museum and pass by Al- Murabba Palace and Darat Al- Malik Abdulaziz where you will have the opportunity to see some of King Abdulaziz؛s belongings and cars.12:00 End the tourCOSTTour price 150 SARHaya Tours bus.Local tour guide.Pick-up and drop-off form Alia Plaza.Excluded:FoodFAQSWhere are happy to answer your question:What is the opining time for the museum
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