About us

Welcome to Haya Tour.
I have often been asked the meaning of the word Haya and in this context it means "let"s go" or "let"s know" as in lets know Saudi Arabia and a very common girl name. Here this booklet introduces you to many tours that will give you the opportunity to learn and get to know more about Saudi Arabia.
As the founder of ten years ago I have worked with all my passion in organizing these tours for you as I am a daughter of the desert as my parents and grandparents were. Just like them I have traveled the land making discoveries along the way. I have very much enjoyed putting the tours together and have worked hard studying and visiting each location and have spent many hours researching from multiple sources to provide the correct tourist information.
I have found myself absorbed in each location and often lost in a time gone by. In this booklet you will find many sites and places of archaeological, historical, cultural and tourist attractions that are all worth seeing. Help you to get to know more about the civilizations of the past who dominated them and those of the present who maintain them and enable us to visit today and spend time contemplating and reflecting.
Since 16/10/2009 I had a specific vision to provide a tour service visiting landmarks, historical, archaeological and heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, with a clear message in the provision of high quality service at affordable prices for the tourist (citizens and residents of Riyadh). With God"s help and your great support I have overcome challenges and difficulties and I"m now pleased to be able to offer you my experiences and tourism skills obtained in the field of domestic here in Saudi Arabia.
As you know my country is vast with many treasures and I look forward to seeing you with Haya Tour.
Best wishes
Salwa Alqunaibit